Woman of Straw (1964): Sean Connery as a sadistic villain

19 MAY 2023

JBC rating: ****

James Bond Connections (4):

  • Starring Sean Connery (James Bond 1962 – 1967, 1971) as Tony Richmond.
  • Featuring Peter Madden (played Kronsteen’s chess opponent in From Russia with Love) as the Yacht Captain.
  • Production Designer Ken Adam (Bond Production Designer, various 1962 – 1979).
  • Art Director Peter Murton (Goldfinger, Thunderball, The Man with the Golden Gun).

Following the global success of Dr No (1962) and From Russia with Love (1963), Sean Connery starred in two similarly themed suspense thrillers, Woman of Straw and Marnie (both 1964). Each film capitalised on Connery’s recent stardom by having the actor play characters who are essentially a darker, civilian variant on his James Bond persona. The American produced Marnie, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, is by far the more famous film. However, the UK-made Woman of Straw, directed by veteran English filmmaker Basil Dearden, deserves to be better known. In each film, Connery is a dangerous mix of dynamism, charm, sex appeal and menace. Like Bond, his character is on a (here, personal) mission and must use his ingenuity to prevail. However, unlike Bond he is applying his skills to questionable or, especially in Woman of Straw, malign ends.

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For the James Bond fan who needs more…

19 MAY 2023

As our wait between the release of each new 007 movie gets ever longer, James Bond Connections is here to help. This regular blog explores and celebrates the many films and television productions connected to the famous franchise through genre and by also sharing at least one cast or crew member with anyone connected to the world of James Bond*.

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