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19 MAY 2023

As our wait between the release of each new 007 movie gets ever longer, James Bond Connections is here to help. This regular blog explores and celebrates the many films and television productions connected to the famous franchise through genre and by also sharing at least one cast or crew member with anyone connected to the world of James Bond*.

In addition to providing often excellent entertainment, these ‘non-Bond’ films can increase our appreciation of the 007 films themselves. For example, of the many films featuring the six official James Bond leading men, many see them (often deliberately) explore qualities associated with their most famous role. The same goes for the plethora of films featuring the numerous Bond girls and villains.

On an even deeper level, most of the films featured in this blog were produced in the same zeitgeist as Bond and as a result reflect the times they were made just as much as the 007 films. Exploring such themes further enriches our understanding of the historical and political importance of the Bond movies.

Many of these non-Bond films are stone cold classics. More than a few are forgotten films worthy of re-discovery. All are of serious interest to any student of James Bond. As we wait (and wait) for the release of the next 007 movie, now is the time to go deep and explore the many films sharing connections with our favourite secret agent.

*Classified as any James Bond production, be it the EON films or the ‘non-canon’ entries ‘Casino Royale’ (1954), Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again (1983).

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